23 Jan

Oil Prices on the Rise

Oil prices spiked to a six-week high as China seeks end of trade dispute.

04 Jan

Positive Train Control Not Yet in Place

A computer-based system designed to prevent train accidents has been ordered by Congress but has been stalled by high costs and technological problems.

31 Dec

5G Networks are Coming Soon

5G Networks are the next generation of mobile and internet connection offering faster speeds and more reliable connections than ever before. The development of 5G networks has begun and is expected to launch across the world


01 Aug

4 Ways 5G Could Radically Change Transportation in Smart Cities

5G, 5G, 5G – it seems that anywhere you read about the latest developments in wireless networks nowadays, everything is all about 5G.But when it comes down to it, how will 5G – fifth-generation wireless networks – affect our everyday lives?

01 Aug

Small 5G transmitters are showing up in Treasure Valley without notice. Here’s why.

Preparations are underway to bring the future of wireless internet to the Treasure Valley.Over the past two years, Verizon representatives have worked with officials in Ada County and Boise on new ordinances that will allow the company

01 Aug

Lamont signs “5G” wireless law

(WTNH) — There are hundreds of what are called “macro towers” all around the state. They average 100 to 200 feet and have made cellphone service generally available in almost all areas of the state but the next generation of wireless,


01 Aug

The 5G Rollout: The Hype is Building Faster Than the Infrastructure

WiFi illustration from the Electronic Frontier Foundation via Creative Commons. NEW YORK –  You’ve seen the messaging: Super-fast 5G wireless is coming! And it will change EVERYTHING! Data center and telecom professionals say that 5G

01 Aug

GSMA: 5G set to account for 15% of all mobile connections by 2025

MWC19 The GSMA has looked into its crystal ball and come up with a key finding around the state of 5G. According to the industry body, 5G is on track to account for 15% of global mobile connections by 2025 - with a key element to

01 Aug

T-Mobile and Sprint merger receives FCC chairman’s blessing

A proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint has taken a leap closer to reality as FCC Chairman Ajit Pai gives his backing.The $26.5 billion merger proposal would result in the combined entity having a similar number of subscribers

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